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Welcome to the Ruth Mills Team website FAQ section, where we try to answer some of the questions most asked by our clients. If the information to the right does not provide a satisfactory answer to your question,
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More Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate 101

What type of documentation will I need for my mortgage loan application?

Applying for a loan can be a lengthy process, but showing up to the initial meeting with the mortgage company with the right documents can definitely speed up the process. The following list includes many documents lenders will want to have on file before approving a home loan:

  • A purchase contract for the house.
  • Your bank account numbers, the address of your bank branch and statements for the previous 2-3 months.
  • Pay stubs, W2 withholding forms, tax returns for two years, or other proof of employment and income.
  • Recent credit card bills or canceled checks for rent or utility bill payments.
  • Information on other consumer debt such as car loans, furniture loans, student loans and retail credit cards.
  • Balance sheets and tax returns, if you are self-employed.
  • If you are using a gift from someone to help pay the down payment and/or closing costs, bring a letter stating that the money is a gift and will not have to be repaid.

This information is provided as a service. As every situation varies, it is strongly advised to seek counsel from independent tax advisors, tax attorneys, and/or CPAs.